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Employer Advocacy and Collective Bargaining

As part of our Michigan labor and employment law services, we are trained in employer advocacy and collective bargaining. With experience in every aspect of employer advocacy, we have the resources you need whether you are seeking advice and consulting, employment litigation guidance, or representation when it comes to bargaining agreements. We deal with all types employer advocacy situations, including collective bargaining, unfair labor practices, wage and hour disputes, and more. Find out more about our employer advocacy services below.

Collective Bargaining

Our skilled professionals have been defending employers from employee organizing efforts and negotiating collective bargaining disputes in Michigan for decades. You will not find a team of Michigan labor attorneys with more experience at the bargaining table.  Our proficiency is focused on management and because of this, we bring tools, creative solutions, and practical know-how to the table that others cannot. We also handle situations related to unit clarification, organizing, and other legal processes related to collective bargaining. Having been directly involved in negotiations with every major labor organization in Michigan, our employer advocacy attorneys have the knowledge it takes to effectively negotiate and resolve--or arbitrate--collective bargaining disputes on behalf of Michigan employers.

Our the lawyers in Labor and Employment Law Team are also trained mediators.  We not only understand the role of this process in collective bargaining, but we also use those skills to get an agreement that is responsive to both parties' needs and interest--not just those first positions at the table.

Unfair Labor Practice

As attorneys that focus on employer advocacy, we have decades of experience in representing employers regarding unfair labor practices. From discrimination and harassment disputes to civil rights defense and more, we have the legal knowledge you need and the proven approach you are looking for. If you are an employer seeking representation related to unfair labor practice litigation, contact our trained professionals for a consultation.

Wage and Hour Disputes

In addition to Michigan collective bargaining and unfair labor disputes, we also consult and litigate wage and hour disputes. We have handled cases related to overtime and comp time disputes, minimum wage disputes, and more. We practice dispute resolution when it comes to wage and hour claims as to prevent drawing out cases and wasting time for all parties involved, but we can successfully and efficiently maneuver through these administrative matters, even if a resolution is not achieved without litigation of some kind. Contact our wage and hour dispute professionals today if you are in need of assistance from an employer advocacy professional. Our wage and hour dispute team will gladly consult with you on your situation.

For more information about our employer advocacy legal services, please contact us today and ask for a member of our Labor and Employment Law Practice Group.

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