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Does a township have to pass a millage to help assist a county road commission?

February 2019

No. There is no statutory obligation for a township to adopt a millage to assist a county road commission in construction, maintenance, or improvement of a road. A township would only be under an obligation to pay for such costs if a contract existed between the parties. See Public Act 51 of 1951; Michigan Attorney General Opinion No. 6570 (February 21, 1989). Road commissions receive other funding through the state-funded Michigan Transportation Fund, and lesser amounts through federal road funds. Even though no statutory obligation exists, townships are able to assist in the funding of road construction, maintenance, or improvements by entering into a contract with the county road commission. The township also could adopt a millage to raise the necessary revenue to satisfy the costs, or use some other revenue source, such as general funds, special assessments, or bonds.

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