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Annual updating process for FDD's

January 2014

Question:  Will you please explain the annual updating process for my Franchise Disclosure Document? Answer: This is the time of the year w...

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Concerns with the sale of gift cards?

November 2013

Question:  With the holiday season approaching, what do I need to be concerned about with the sale of gift cards? Answer:  According to the...

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How do I begin the process of franchising?

September 2013

Question: I just opened my second restaurant and in the first 2 weeks I’ve been open, more than 20 customers have asked whether they can buy a f...

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Can I choose to franchise only in Michigan?

July 2013

Question: I want to franchise my restaurant, but only in Michigan.  Can I do that?  Answer: Yes, but you have to be very careful....

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Is my restaurant design protectable under the law?

May 2013

Question: The theme of this Restaurateur is “Restaurant Design.”  Is my restaurant design protectable under the law?  Answ...

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