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Lead and Copper Rule Changes--Impact on Townships

May 2019

Effective June 14, 2018 the State issued new lead and copper rules for water supplied to the public. The new rules will phase in new lead action level...

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Are Citizen Referendum Rights and Initiative Rights a Problem for Townships?

April 2019

Township officials are elected to township boards every four years. Townships are operated and governed by township boards, which are structured to be...

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Assessing Reform Under New Michigan Law -- PA 660 of 2018

March 2019

For years, the State Tax Commission (STC) used a “14-point review” evaluation process to enforce statutes, administrative rules, and court...

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New and Improved Paid Medical Leave: Rules to Live and Work By

February 2019

Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act (the “PMLA”) establishes eligible employees’ rights to accrue and use paid leave for persona...

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Goodbye “Emily!”: A Review of 2018 Lame Duck Laws Affecting Townships

January 2019

As 2018 came to a close, the Legislature rapidly passed a number of new laws, many of which impacted Michigan’s many townships.  These laws...

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