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Township Law Q&A

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Can a private business request the Township’s entire electronic tax roll?

December 2019

A variety of private companies now submit these requests to townships throughout the state to, in-part, aggregate data to re-sell to their private cus...

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Can a zoning administrator also hold office as a township trustee?

November 2019

It may be valid under current law, but for practical reasons should be carefully considered. The statute governing whether an individual can hold two ...

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Does the Township have to submit its ordinance to the Marihuana Regulatory Agency to prohibit or allow adult-use marihuana establishments?

October 2019

  No. The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Initiated Law 1 of 2018, provides township the ability to completely prohibit or li...

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Would improvements to a park for landscaping that exceed $15,000.00 require a licensed architect or licensed professional engineer for plan preparation and direct supervision during construction?

September 2019

Maybe. MCL 339.2011 governs the construction of public works and imposes the requirement for certain projects to require a licensed engineer or archit...

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May a Township establish a set of rules for public comment?

August 2019

Yes. The Michigan Open Meetings Act provides in MCL 15.263(5) that a person shall be permitted to address a public body “under rules established...

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