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The attorneys of Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC are Michigan's trained professionals in business law, franchising, liquor licensing, the hospitality industry, and more. The following bulletins and resources published by the law firm are intended to provide you with news, updates, and information relevant to you and your business. For further assistance when it comes to your Michigan franchise and business law needs, contact a member of our Business and Franchise Practice Group today.

Mandatory Paid Medical Leave

March 2019 | Business Services Resources

Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act (the “PMLA”) establishes eligible employees’ rights to accrue and use paid leave f... Read More ›

Is there anything new at the National Labor Relations Board on the joint employer issue?

October 2015 | Ask the Expert, Business Services Resources

Yes.  On August 27, 2015, the NLRB issued a highly anticipated decision related to the application of its joint-employer standard (the ... Read More ›

Beware: Franchise Sales Are Regulated Transactions

July 2015 | Business Services Resources

Fast Facts: Many professional athletes are investigating franchising as professional careers beyond sports.  Franchise sales are tran... Read More ›

Franchising's Top 10 Questions: Is Your Restaurant Ready to Franchise?

July 2015 | Business Services Resources

If you run a successful restaurant, have a snappy logo, possess high brand recognition, serve great food, train your staff to provide e... Read More ›

Understanding the Law: Buyers Beware of the Department of Treasury

July 2015 | Business Services Resources

That new liquor license may come with something you didn't expect: The previous owner's tax burden. According to published reports, the sto... Read More ›

Vive La Difference? Selective Enforcement of Franchise Agreement Terms and System Standards

July 2015 | Business Services Resources

Franchisors typically employ standard contract terms and conditions to establish the nature of their relationships with franchisees. Althoug... Read More ›

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