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Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC's own Mark Burzych is Michigan's franchise law professional. With more than 20 years of experience as a business attorney, Mark has handled nearly all types of restaurant and franchise related legal matters and continues to consult with franchise clients daily. Through the resources below, Mark provides the public with vital information for starting a franchise or becoming a franchisee. Remember, this advice is only a starting point, and anyone serious about investing in a franchise or launching a franchise of their own is strongly encouraged to contact a reputable franchise lawyer.

Prospect questions regarding franchising a brand, what should I tell them?

May 2014 | Ask the Expert

Question:  Recently, I have been discussing with some prospects about franchising my brand.  They want to know how much they can m... Read More ›

Are there any new developments in franchise sale regulation?

March 2014 | Ask the Expert

Question:  Are there any new developments in franchise sale regulation?  Answer:  There is something we are watching that wi... Read More ›

Annual updating process for FDD's

January 2014 | Ask the Expert

Question:  Will you please explain the annual updating process for my Franchise Disclosure Document? Answer: This is the time of ... Read More ›

Concerns with the sale of gift cards?

November 2013 | Ask the Expert

Question:  With the holiday season approaching, what do I need to be concerned about with the sale of gift cards? Answer:  Accord... Read More ›

How do I begin the process of franchising?

September 2013 | Ask the Expert

Question: I just opened my second restaurant and in the first 2 weeks I’ve been open, more than 20 customers have asked whether they c... Read More ›

Can I choose to franchise only in Michigan?

July 2013 | Ask the Expert

Question: I want to franchise my restaurant, but only in Michigan.  Can I do that?  Answer: Yes, but you have to be ver... Read More ›

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