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Township Law E-Letters

The Rules Every Township Should Know About Recreational Marihuana Establishments

July 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

In 2018, Michigan voters approved the Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act (“MRTMA”), which became effective Decemb... Read More ›

Township Law Legal Update: Recent Zoning and Planning Decisions

June 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

In the last year, the Michigan Court of Appeals has already issued multiple decisions that impact planning and zoning within townships. Thes... Read More ›

Lead and Copper Rule Changes--Impact on Townships

May 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

Effective June 14, 2018 the State issued new lead and copper rules for water supplied to the public. The new rules will phase in new lead ac... Read More ›

Are Citizen Referendum Rights and Initiative Rights a Problem for Townships?

April 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

Township officials are elected to township boards every four years. Townships are operated and governed by township boards, which are struct... Read More ›

Assessing Reform Under New Michigan Law -- PA 660 of 2018

March 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

For years, the State Tax Commission (STC) used a “14-point review” evaluation process to enforce statutes, administrative rules,... Read More ›

New and Improved Paid Medical Leave: Rules to Live and Work By

February 2019 | Township Law E-Letters

Michigan’s Paid Medical Leave Act (the “PMLA”) establishes eligible employees’ rights to accrue and use paid leave f... Read More ›

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