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Past MTA Conference Resources

Presentations & Legal Resources for Michigan Townships

Wetland Mitigation Group

December 2016 | 2017 MTA - Presenters

Get an overview of the joint public private partnership between the Michigan Municipal Wetland Alliance and the state Departments of Natural... Read More ›

Bulletproof Your Zoning Decisions

December 2016 | 2017 MTA - Presenters

The Zoning Board of Appeals addresses unique and often significant land use issues. Interpreting the zoning ordinance, classifying unlisted ... Read More ›

Faster and Less Expensive Ordinance Enforcement

December 2016 | 2017 MTA - Presenters

You’ve passed that new ordinance, but now you need to enforce it. Can the township really afford this? The answer is yes, if you imple... Read More ›

TGA Course: Managing Your Township Team

December 2016 | 2017 MTA - Presenters

Every township has employees. Township board members, deputies, election workers, assessors and firefighters are employees for at least some... Read More ›

Revisiting Big Box Stores: Tax Problems & Solutions for Townships

January 2016 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Learn of tax problems and possible solutions your township may be facing with big box stores. Read how your township can protect itself and ... Read More ›

Michigan Tax Tribunal Policies & Procedures for Elected Officials

January 2016 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

At the 2016 Michigan Township Association Conference, Fahey Schultz Burzych Rhodes PLC's Ross Bower discussed what every elected official ne... Read More ›

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