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Presentations & Legal Resources for Michigan Townships

Rethinking Employment Issues and Policies for Townships

January 2016 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Whether you have 2 employees or 75, personnel administration is a critical part of township governance. Your employees are the first line of... Read More ›

Employee Liability Exposure

January 2016 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Getting labor and employment issues right is critical, because of the liability exposure associated with those issues. State and federal wa... Read More ›

True Cash Value, Assessed Value, and Taxable Value in Relation to Assessor

December 2015 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

True cash value, assessed value, and taxable value (which has no relation to true cash value) are fairly complicated terms and concepts with... Read More ›

Big Box Store Tax Cuts Affect Townships in Michigan

December 2015 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Since 2010, the Tax Tribunal has repeatedly applied a new valuation theory to big box stores that slashes their property values by 50% or mo... Read More ›

Rethinking Employment Issues & Policies

December 2015 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Effective township governance includes the responsibility of being an effective employer. This responsibility requires townships to face man... Read More ›

What Every Elected Official Needs to Know About Assessing

December 2015 | 2016 MTA - Conversations

Township assessors are responsible for the evaluation of all real and personal property within a township. Assessors are also responsible fo... Read More ›

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