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Township Law Q&A

Does a Township Need a Resolution to Impose an Unpaid Utility Bill on a Property that is Rented by a Tenant?

March 2020 | Township Law Q&A

It depends on the type of utility service. Presumably you are referencing unpaid water and sewer services.  Under certain circumstances... Read More ›

Is a Township Deputy Treasurer permitted to hold a position on the Township Board of Review?

February 2020 | Township Law Q&A

Not Likely. The Deputy Treasurer and a board or review member appear to be incompatible offices. The Incompatible Offices Act, 556 PA 1978, ... Read More ›

Does a Township Clerk have to record every comment by officials and public members in the minutes?

January 2020 | Township Law Q&A

No. The Open Meetings Act determines the necessary information for minutes. It provides the following required information: The publi... Read More ›

Can a private business request the Township’s entire electronic tax roll?

December 2019 | Township Law Q&A

A variety of private companies now submit these requests to townships throughout the state to, in-part, aggregate data to re-sell to their p... Read More ›

Can a zoning administrator also hold office as a township trustee?

November 2019 | Township Law Q&A

It may be valid under current law, but for practical reasons should be carefully considered. The statute governing whether an individual can... Read More ›

Does the Township have to submit its ordinance to the Marihuana Regulatory Agency to prohibit or allow adult-use marihuana establishments?

October 2019 | Township Law Q&A

  No. The Michigan Regulation and Taxation of Marihuana Act, Initiated Law 1 of 2018, provides township the ability to completely proh... Read More ›

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