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Township Law Q&A

The township has an individual that serves on the Planning Commission and on the Zoning Board of Appeals. Can the individual vote on both boards on the same issue?

January 2019 | Township Law Q&A

The Township has an individual that serves on the Planning Commission and on the Zoning Board of Appeals. When a project comes before both, ... Read More ›

Does a Deputy Clerk have to be a Resident of the Township?

December 2018 | Township Law Q&A

Elected officials must be residents of the township in which they are seeking office. MCL 168.342 provides that "[a] person is not eligible ... Read More ›

Can a Township be reimbursed for the costs of producing documents in response to a subpoena?

November 2018 | Township Law Q&A

The answer depends on whether the township is involved in litigation that is the basis of the subpoena. If the township is a party to the li... Read More ›

How long after someone receives a special use permit do they have before that have to commence work under the permit?

October 2018 | Township Law Q&A

The Michigan Zoning Enabling Act, MCL § 125.302(1), allows a legislative body to provide for special land uses in a zoning ordinance. T... Read More ›

What are the requirements of placing an extra-voted millage on the ballot?

September 2018 | Township Law Q&A

Townships requesting to levy taxes over the statutory authorized millage amounts must have the electors vote to approve such millage. This i... Read More ›

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