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Township Law Q&A

Would improvements to a park for landscaping that exceed $15,000.00 require a licensed architect or licensed professional engineer for plan preparation and direct supervision during construction?

September 2019 | Township Law Q&A

Maybe. MCL 339.2011 governs the construction of public works and imposes the requirement for certain projects to require a licensed engineer... Read More ›

May a Township establish a set of rules for public comment?

August 2019 | Township Law Q&A

Yes. The Michigan Open Meetings Act provides in MCL 15.263(5) that a person shall be permitted to address a public body “under rules e... Read More ›

Does a Township have to contact the State after it has authorized or prohibited commercial medical marihuana facilities?

July 2019 | Township Law Q&A

Yes, if the township has authorized commercial medical marihuana facilities. Section 205 of the Michigan Medical Marihuana Facilities Licens... Read More ›

If an elected official is resigning before the term has ended, is the township required to post the vacancy?

June 2019 | Township Law Q&A

No. There are no general posting requirements for vacancies created by the resignation of township elected officials under the Michigan Elec... Read More ›

Can current township employees (including township zoning administrators) serve on a planning commission for the township they work for?

May 2019 | Township Law Q&A

No. The Michigan Planning Enabling Act, Act 33 of 2008, MCL 125.3801 et seq. allows municipalities to create planning commissions. Among oth... Read More ›

Does federal law impact whether local government officials must coordinate with federal immigration officers concerning the immigration status of individuals?

April 2019 | Township Law Q&A

Given the current national debate, does federal law impact whether local government officials must coordinate with federal immigration offic... Read More ›

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