Mt. Haley Township Wind Turbine Project
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Meridian Wind Park - Mt. Haley Township

Special Land Use Permit and Site Plan Review Application

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Mt Haley Twp SLUP and Site Plan Application

Mt Haley Twp Lay Down Supplement (8-14-2020)


Appendix A (Revised 8-14-2020)

Appendix B

Appendices C,D

Appendix E,F

Appendix G,H

Appendix I

Appendix J


Mt Haley Public Hearing Maps of Wind Park

Mt Haley Twp Meridian Wind Park Parcels (Spreadsheet)

CMS & D SUP Preliminary Review Comments

CMS & D SUP Additional Review Outline (Preliminary)

BMC Laydown Yard MSDS

BMC Meridian Site Safety Manual - Part 1

BMC Meridian Site Safety Manual - Part 2 (Attachments)

DTE - Midland Co Road Use Agreement

DTE - Saginaw Co Road Use Agreement

Engineer Review - Supplemental Application

Figure 3-6 GE Wind Turbine Dimensions

Figure 3-6 GE Turbine Dimensions (Corrected)

Figure 3-7 Access Road Details

Figure 3-7 Access Road Details (Corrected)

Figure 3-8 Access Road Drainage Details

Figure 3-9 BMC Laydown Yard Photographs

Figure 3-10 Revised Laydown Yard Site Plan

Mt. Haley PC Response to CMS&D Comments

CMSD Summary of DTE Response

CMSD Summary of DTE Response of Supplemental

October 21, 2021 Meeting Agenda


Mt. Haley Twp Special Meeting Notice (Zoom Information) for 10/21/2020 Meeting

To join the special meeting by online video conferencing, use this link:; Zoom Meeting ID:  882 8040 2400.  Passcode: 621835. To join the special meeting by telephone (toll free), call 888-475-4499 prior to the special meeting. Every effort will be made to help you participate.



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